Kuya Dev

Speaking Engagements

Here are just a few of the tech workshops and motivational talks that Kuya Dev has conducted throughout the years. Interested in inviting Kuya Dev for a talk? Let's chat.

Doc Ligot's AI Conversations (11/01/23)

[Guest Interviewee] Unlocking the Future: Discussing Shifting into Tech with Rem Lampa

Data Engineering Pilipinas' TechSync 2023 (10/21/23)

[Host] Tech Community Discussions

ReactJS Philippines' ReHackt 2023 (10/19/23)

[Panelist] Tech Titans: Climbing the Tech Career Ladder

DevCon Pro Summit 2023 Media Night (09/11/23)

[Social Media Influencer Partner]

AWS Community Day Philippines 2023 (07/29/23)

[Panelist] Career Shifting to Tech: Discover Effective Strategies

PLM GDSC's Ready Set Grow (04/30/23)

[Speaker] Focus on What Matters: Impact Driven Resumes & Inteviews

Brown Bag Session: Filipino Software Developers in Europe (03/05/23)

[Host] Unlocking Opportunities: Career Advice for Filipino Engineers Wanting to Work Abroad

AHA Learning Center's Barangay Coding Graduation (03/04/23)

[Commencement Speaker]

GitHub Field Day Philippines 2022 (09/17/22)

[Speaker] How I Built Tech Communities from Scratch as an Introvert Outsider

Code Your Future Conference (06/29/22)

[Speaker] Career Shifters Success Stories

UST Department of IT’s Beyond The Horizon: Exploring New Opportunities in Technology (04/02/22)

[Speaker] Career Shifting to IT and the Impact of Self-Learning

Philippine Tech Week 2021 (05/19/21)

[Speaker] Remote Careers at a Mission-Driven Foreign Tech Startup

ReactJS Philippines Online Meetup: Open Source (08/01/20)

[Speaker] Improve React Testing DX with Open Source